Young ballet students waiting in lobby

The Ballet Académie accepts enrollment May through December. However, participation in the annual spring performance for students joining TBA after September will depend upon current skill level and length of time enrolled in the school prior to the performance date.

Please print and fill out the following forms to be turned in at the first class or mailed to PO Box 61492, Lafayette, LA 70596 prior to the first class:

Registration (plus 1st month's tuition, annual registration fee)
Student History

The following forms are FYI:

Uniform Guide
Winter Schedule
Summer Schedule

The student will be placed first in the level according to age but may be moved to a different level after observation at the first class. Because of this possibility, it is strongly recommended that purchase of the class leotard is done after placement verification. The student may wear any one piece leotard at the first class.

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